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Greetings and thank you for visiting my mansion. I am ZhenMing. Let my rats take your hat and coat and take a seat in my boar-chair. Excuse the mess. We had Halloween late weekend like we always have. My dolls and my mannequin will do their best to serve your needs. Some tea? Cherries? If you will excuse me for a second, I have to let out my alien dog and headcrab. Back to where we were. You want to know my occupation, am I right?Well, I study the Koreans, so to say. Their language and culture is very interesting. You seem to have noticed my many games. It is not hard to get interested in so many of them when you have various consoles to play them on.You like the cherries? Glad to hear.Not many books you say? Why there are many. Although I have to admit that I own about eight times more of the so-called manga and manhwa.You like this dress? Well, I like to sew while listening to music or this new invention called television. It is very soothing. You should try it.You know that in this town there is a bar where they play music and you do the singing? Of course we can visit it some day, but not tomorrow, I am afraid. You, I mean... I will not be able to come. How about we visit my project chamber where most of my ... creations are. No, I do not smell anything. You must be imagining things. Go a bit further, the light switch should be on the right. Let me just lock this door and I will be there for you.     
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Bands/people: Voltaire, Nell, Kim Serena, MayBee, the cure, depeche mode, 69 Eyes, Flower, Yoko Kanno, Ha Soo-Bin, DeliSpiceThere are a lot of soundtracks I like. They go from various anime over movies and series to games. Some examples are Escaflowne, Spiderman, Crossing Jordan and Silent Hill. There are many bands I just like one song from.

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